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Our History...

the history of a family

      The hotel restaurant Aldo Moro, formerly an old inn, has been run by the homonymous family since 1940.

   The founders are the brothers Dino and Aldo (Sergio's father) Moro together with their respective wives who started the activity of the "Moro Guadaldino" inn. From 1960 Aldo and his wife Luigia continued the activity. Luigia was originally from Cattolica and therefore brought the tradition, passion and warmth of the Romagna region to her restaurant.

   After a year his wife Luigia remained a widow and continued to manage the restaurant with the help of her young son Sergio. The difficulties were not few but the tenacity and strength prevailed over everything. From 1969 he began to collaborate with Sergio, his wife Marisa who, flanked by her mother-in-law, learned all the secrets of the Moro kitchen.

      Together Sergio and Marisa have started to specialize both in the gastronomic and in the oenological field, perfecting themselves over time. In addition to typical dishes such as boiled, polenta and "sardelon", sopressa and biscuit bread they began to present more personalized and innovative gastronomic preparations, which reflect the great tradition of Venetian culture.

   At the beginning the building was not very big and included about ten rooms, a restaurant with bar and the kitchen. Over the years new sections have been added integrated with the existing ones that were being renewed in parallel. The last integration took place in 2001 in which 10 rooms and some reception areas were added. The last major renovation took place in 2014 which led to the total renovation and expansion of the kitchen area and the arrangement of the reception and restaurant areas.

      In the 90s his son Aldo (whose name derives from his grandfather) began to operate in the company. After the first few years spent in the kitchen to learn the techniques of processing raw materials, he decided to take care of the reception, maturing up to the present day a long experience in the sector. In 2016 he received the title of Sommelier.

   In 2010, sister Elisa joined. After completing his studies, he obtained a Master's Degree in Economics and Business Management "at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice and a brief experience in an accounting firm, he started working in the family business dealing with administration, marketing and catering.

      In 2013 the third daughter Silvia also started to collaborate. After graduating in "Business Economics" at the University of Padua, she decided to take a new path, that is, follow her gastronomic passion. In fact, already during her university studies, she started working occasionally in the kitchen.

   Her training in this area developed first with a bakery and pizzeria course and then with a diploma from the "International School of Italian Cuisine of Alma", established by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. After an internship experience at a prestigious starred restaurant, she started collaborating in the Aldo Moro Restaurant bringing new inputs and a significant development to the gastronomic activity of the Moro family. In 2016 she held a training internship at the Piazza Duomo Restaurant in Alba.

       Today parents Marisa and Sergio and their three children work together. The story of a job and a family!

   75 years of history that have seen moments of joy but also difficult moments ... but together and with the strength of a family, we can!

   The strength that derives from the example, from perseverance, from passion, from the love of those who founded the roots and launched their fruits.

   A thank you to all those who have been part of and are part of this story ... to all the collaborators who day by day consolidate the past of this family and together give hope for the future!

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