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The story of a family that works together

All staff of the Hotel Restaurant Aldo Moro:

* Sergio e Marisa *
* Aldo - Elisa - Silvia *
* Maurizio - Mauro - Alberto *
* Flora - Giorgia *



With Marisa the history of the kitchen of the Aldo Moro Restaurant is born together with the mother-in-law Luigia. More than 45 years of experience in the culinary art that have contributed to the evolution of the restaurant's history and that represent the historical background and identity of the Moro family.


Silvia brings a new creative impulse to the Aldo Moro Restaurant, which is well integrated with tradition. The young Chef is always looking for new ideas that she gets from her surroundings. With constant study, imagination, passion and conviction, she breaks down the elements and brings them together in new forms with contrasts, which they do not want to exceed, but always tend towards harmony.

team silvia moro22.JPG

Mauro e Alberto

Mauro and Alberto, after several years of work at the Aldo Moro Restaurant, have fully integrated into the family and with care, professionalism, perseverance and precision are an important link in this story.

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