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Emotions are the Origin and the Creation of every Flavor which is the essence of each of our Gestures. Cooking combines all this.

(Silvia Moro)

This expression embodies the philosophy of the Aldo Moro Restaurant. Our goal is to synthesize our history and our origins in gastronomic preparations.

Each element becomes a source of inspiration to create a dish. This is why we offer a traditional kitchen that reflects our origins with creative and new elements.

The Menu is divided into two sections: Classics and Natural-Mind.


In the part of the Classics we propose the typical flavors of the tradition of our local land and national cuisine. Our sweet ham or cod prepared according to the recipe of our grandmother Luigia.


In the part of the Menu Natural-Mind nature, matter, elements, landscapes, people, perfumes, ingredients, memories become the source of inspiration for these dishes: the earth, the beach and the sea, a rainy day, a painting ... all enclosed in the idea and realization of these dishes.

The dishes proposed in this part of the menu are therefore more creative, as a meeting between mind and taste.


Our Chefs Silvia, Marisa, Mauro and Alberto are waiting for you to let you discover their passion ...

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